Rockstar received a lot of bad feedback for straying from their over-the-top, ridiculous tendencies when they released Grand Theft Auto IV. The excitement of gang wars and real-estate development ceased, and were replaced with mini-games, a cell phone, and random side-missions, and a lot of fans just weren’t impressed.

In fact, a lot of us gamers were up in arms that the game was just too serious: it felt more like a melodrama with a lot of shooting, rather than a Grand Theft Auto game. Despite the enormous emotional attachment, some fans were not pleased with Rockstar’s creative decisions for the game.

So why are we still playing this game? Well, in all honesty, the game is not nearly as bad as critics and fans make it out to be. But to get a little more specific, here are just a few reasons fans find themselves playing and replaying GTA IV.

10. The Sheer Beauty


At the first glimpse of GTA IV, it was clear that Rockstar had completely upped the ante. They had done away with the famous cartoon-style design and money-based story, and created a beautifully created, character-driven game – a first for the series.

From gunfights to explosions, and driving to walking the streets, Grand Theft Auto IV is a stunningly gorgeous game. Vehicles are animated flawlessly, the lighting is gorgeous, and cutscenes are perfect.

Of course there are some flaws with presentation, such as certain cut-scenes using in-game animations that look robotic, and a slight over-usage of the ragdoll effect. Overall, however, the game introduces an entirely new universe to the series that made the game all-the-more enjoyable.

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This article was first posted on January 16, 2013