Bioshock 4: 5 Perfect Fan Theory Locations

It needs to land with more than a splash.


Despite the departure of Ken Levine and the closure of Irrational Games, Bioshock's distributor, Take Two, has made multiple statements pointing towards the possibility of a new entry in the series sometime in the future. It may not be soon, but whenever it comes out, Bioshock 4 will need a setting that can live up to Rapture and Columbia.

Bioshock's crazed dystopias, insane powers and lunatic characters are what make its settings the best in video games. Both Rapture and Columbia were one man's dreams and ambitions that started with promise but fell apart under their own weight. These cities made Bioshock unique and amazing, gifting it with a serious and disturbingly wacky feel.

It is for that reason, that Bioshock 4 will need a setting that can compare.

Thankfully, the series can go almost anywhere. For something that has taken players to the depths of the ocean and the heights of the clouds, it's next setting can be completely unexpected and insane - especially considering the 'all bets are off' ending of Infinite.

With that, let’s look at five possible settings and plot summaries for Bioshock 4, ranging from underground victorian nightmares to space age dystopian failures of the Cold War...

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