Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review - 6 Reasons It's Awesome (And 4 Reasons It's Not)

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is officially now out in the wild but what's the verdict?

The day is finally here: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is officially now out in the wild, though if you remembered to pre-order the Day Zero edition, you've probably been playing for the better part of a day already. The latest entry into the CoD franchise comes hot on the heels of what's popularly regarded as the worst entry in the core series, Ghosts, which was pretty much just an uninspired Greatest Hits of the franchise without any invention of its own, and boy, it really, really didn't feel next-gen at all, did it? It's a pleasure to report, then, that Advanced Warfare is a significant improvement over its competent yet unoriginal predecessor, introducing a number of new elements to breathe fresh life into the franchise, all while course-correcting a number of the complaints people have with the series. Sure, it's still at its core the same CoD that sells tens of millions of copies per year, and some will inevitably have their gripes with that, but this latest entry throws down the gauntlet for Treyarch, who will presumably be developing next year's edition. It's a surprisingly great game but far from perfect, so here are 6 reasons why CoD: Advanced Warfare is awesome, and 4 reasons why it's not.

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