Call Of Duty 2018: 10 Leaked Details You Need To Know

1. A Battle Royale Mode Is Possible

Call Of Duty Battle Royale

The biggest phenomenon in gaming right now is Battle Royale, with the likes of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - but especially the free-to-play Fortnite - cultivating player bases that extend into the tens of millions.

Consequently, the entire industry has seemingly shifted focus to capitalise on the trend, with pre-released titles such as H1Z1 introducing the mode and even huge upcoming releases like Red Dead Redemption 2 being rumoured to include their own unique twist on the multiplayer mode.

Call of Duty, of course, isn't a franchise that would miss a trick like this. The series has blossomed thanks to off-beat game modes like Prop Hunt and Gun Game in the past, and Black Ops 4 is rumoured to be going one step further by introducing its own Battle Royale system.

How exactly that will work in COD's small maps and how the devs will change the formula to accommodate its twitchy, low time-to-kill gameplay is anyone's guess, but don't be surprised to see Activision jump on the bandwagon come November.

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