Call Of Duty: WW2 - 10 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

10. Shoot Explosives Rather Than Waiting For The Timer In War


In order to defend objectives in War, players are encouraged to build obstacles and barriers that can halt the progression of the enemy team. On the other hand, attackers have the ability to lay down dynamite and blow these defences away to clear the path to their objectives.

However, with the time limit in this mode being as sensitive as it is, deciding to not only plant explosives but then wait for their fuses to go off can leave you vulnerable, especially when you have enemies hot on your tail.

Fortunately though, instead of waiting around for the explosive to do its job and risk getting shot, you can speed the process up by shooting the dynamite as soon as you've placed it, negating the need to wait for the timer to tick down.

This little trick is a good way to speed up your attacks if you need to be in a position quickly but the enemy has blocked your path, while a sudden explosion can allow you to catch opposing players off guard who think they have a few seconds to find cover once they hear the dynamite's ticking timer.


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