COD Black Ops 4: 10 New Features You Need To Know About

Say goodbye to single player and hello to Battle Royale.

call of duty black ops 4

Not stopping for man, beast nor controversial instalment, Call of Duty has a relentless popularity other franchises wish they could maintain. Next on the production line is Black Ops 4, an entry that looks to right the ship after the divisive and thoroughly misguided BlOps 3 - not to mention the barely played WWII. BO3 was the first to go hog-wild with the "future tech" aspect introduced in Advanced Warfare, going a bit too far when its campaign revolved around mind-melding with soldiers and getting lost in dream sequences.

For this revitalised COD, Activision have been very bold. There are rumours of a Battle Royale standalone release coming to Switch, we know the single player campaign is no more, and all-round, BlOps 4 is maintaining COD: WWII's "boots on the ground" mentality - save for a handful of new abilities and character-specific perks.

Yes, everything that's old is new again, as clearly releasing a Call of Duty to contend with the likes of Fortnite and Overwatch is taking its toll. The community is furiously divided over what looks promising and what feels plainly misguided, but regardless, at least there's a ton to talk about.

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