E3 2018: 3 Ups & 6 Downs From Square Enix's Conference

What the hell was that?

Kingdom Hearts III
Square Enix

Well, that was an E3 showcase...apparently. That's right, Square Enix delivered their first E3 presentation to fans in three years, and as a result, excitement was high that they'd provide some enticing updates on upcoming titles, reveal a new game or two and maybe even shock the world with a megaton announcement.

Oh, how naive we were.

Square Enix's hilariously brief E3 livestream - in their minor defence, they avoided using the word "conference" when promoting it - was pretty much the opposite of what most fans both wanted and expected.

Low on interest and high on lukewarm, middle-of-the-road trailers, it's the sort of low-effort presentation that could've easily just been released on a random Wednesday a few months from now.

There were a few intermittently intriguing moments, but mostly the show was just a monument to failed promise and by far the most disappointing of the four major shows so far. EA seemed like they had last place pegged, but it looks like they just got beat at their own mediocre game.

Fingers crossed that Sony's upcoming E3 conference could feature a little more from Square Enix, but you'd definitely be smart to keep your expectations firmly low...

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