Every Major PS4 Exclusive - Ranked From Worst To Best

Driveclub was a LONG time ago.

PS4 Games

Though it took Sony a good couple of years to get the PS4 off the ground, for all intents and purposes we're now flying. In the past year alone there's been everything from Horizon Zero Dawn to The Last Guardian, setting the system up as having a drastically superior library of exclusives when compared to the PS3.

Taking a wider look at the industry it's a damn good thing too, as Microsoft and the Xbox One are in very dire straits. Though they've upended the dashboard multiple times, attempted to forget the Kinect ever happened and released a much more appealing Xbox One S, if there aren't first-party games to prop up an investment, the world won't take notice.

Contrast back to Sony, and they've amassed a set of games that'll stand the test of time, are quickly becoming many peoples' favourites of the generation so far, and stand out as medium-defining, original, innovative creations from some of the finest developers on the planet.

2013's launch offerings and 2014's barren release schedule was a long time ago, but let's rank every major title available on the PS4 so far.

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