Every Major Upcoming PS4 Exclusive - Ranked From Worst To Best

Spider-Man! God of War! Knack 2! Actually... scratch that last one.


Although they got off to a rather slow start at the beginning of the generation, over the past couple of years, Sony has been committed to unveiling and releasing some epic exclusives. Between Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn, the company has been able to create not only some of the best games to play on its own system, but some of the greatest must-have releases of the whole generation so far.

Even better, while they've already littered the PS4 with a wealth of amazing experiences, the company has proven they've got just as many titles in the pipeline ready to be released over the next few years.

Between bringing fan favourites back from the dead and going in radical new directions with classic franchises, Sony has plenty of aces up their sleeve - but some are clearly shaping up to be better than others.

Bar a few exceptions, Sony has pretty much released their entire roadmap for the rest of the generation, and based on what we know so far, you can start to see which games are destined to be hits and which have the potential to blow up in the company's face...

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