Fallout 76: 8 New Details You Need To Know

From free DLC to perk card details and better class options than ever before.


Not content with resting on its laurels, Bethesda has decided to take the unnecessary risk of opening up Fallout's nuclear-ridden wasteland to not just one, but potentially hundreds of concurrent players. In turn, this eschews huge chunks of the series' tried and true formula, handing the reigns over to fans so they can decide how best to rebuild a wounded, but still habitable planet.

West Virginia's the lucky recipient of a post-apocalyptic makeover this time around, and while this is very much the wacky 50s sci-fi inspired RPG we've all come to know and love, the addition of multiplayer, overhauled progression systems like Perk Cards and a discarding of traditional factions in favour of player-made congregations promises a simultaneously familiar yet alien adventure.

We are, of course, still a few months out from being able to conclusively say whether Bethesda has managed to strike a perfect balance between new and old - providing a sizeable, fresh-feeling multiplayer experience while keeping the solo experience engaging enough to not feel like a watered down multiplayer game - but the melting pot of ideas already fielded by Todd Howard certainly paints a glowing picture.

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