Fan-Made CM Punk CAW Is WWE 2K18's Best Yet

God bless that face map tool...

CM Punk WWE 2K18
2K Games/@SuperSauldier2k

WWE 2K18 player @SuperSauldier2K has lived up his name by creating one of the absolute best CAWs the Community Creations suite has to offer.

By using the face mapping tool, the player crafted a mind-blowing version of CM Punk that's available for others to download right now. Seriously, check out the detail on Punk's face, not to mention the faithful recreations of his tattoo work.

Face mapping is done by taking a high quality image of the wrestler's face, then skilfully smoothing out the wrinkles once 2K's game wraps it around the CAWs head for you. It's not quite as easy as it sounds, but @SuperSauldier2K has nailed it.

This CAW completely blows previous versions of CM Punk out the water, and it comes with multiple attires reflecting 3 of Punk's different hairstyles/looks too.

If you preferred the slicked back hair, goatee and classic white t-shirt look from Punk's 2011 run, then look no further. Fans who enjoyed his yellow GTS shirt or shaven-headed look from later years will also enjoy seeing those included.

This is by far the best-looking CAW we've seen on the Community Creations tab yet.

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