Far Cry 4: 10 Things We Want To See

The elephant in the room is now literally an elephant.

With the phenomenal success of Far Cry 3 as a backdrop, and Ubisoft's most important fiscal year to date looming large on the horizon, it is absolutely no surprise that Far Cry 4 is expected to be the king pin among Ubi's recent releases of Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon: Phantoms, Trials Fusion and the upcoming Tom Clancy's The Division and the hotly anticipated The Crew and Child Of Light. With an expanded team and brand new talent from across the world of video game development, Far Cry 4 is going to change the face of action adventure games for years to come. With new technology, both in hardware and engine, new advancements in game design and a pronounced abandonment of tired old tropes that do nothing to serve the purpose of the game, Ubisoft are in the best position in years to create something truly remarkable. All this praise however does not necessarily mean Ubisoft are the infallible company we wish they were, and we're certain that they are trawling the internet daily to see exactly what fans and critics alike are expecting from Far Cry 4. With a long legacy of excellent Far Cry games in the past, Far Cry 4 cannot afford to disappoint at such a critical time in Ubisofts future. With that in mind let's take a swift glance through the top ten essentials we would like to see in Far Cry 4...
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