Far Cry: Every Game Ranked Worst To Best

Yeah, Far Cry 3 had Vaas, but Primal had saber-toothed tigers.

Far Cry

Ever since its debut back in 2004, Far Cry has continued to push the boundaries of what video games can do, either by pioneering an open-world gameplay style that developers to this day continue to riff on, or setting graphical standards that consoles wouldn't be able to catch up to for years.

While the majority of instalments have been pretty fantastic, there's a definite line in the sand to be drawn between the moment where Far Cry turned into a bonafide household name.

The first wave of games, starring main character Jack Carver and developed by both Crytek and Ubisoft, were overhauled completely when a full sequel, Far Cry 2, introduced a new protagonist, style of play and setting, establishing a new idea of what the franchise "was".

From that point on, Far Cry only gained more popularity with every subsequent release, but the radical new direction the developers took after the first main sequel does make looking at the franchise on the whole a bit difficult. There are throughlines that connect the earlier titles to the most recent ones though, and they still have what it takes to rub shoulders with their newer siblings.

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