What Your Favourite Final Fantasy Game Says About You

Final Fantasy  is legitimately one of the longest running game franchises in history - we’re nearly up to fifteen entries, and...

Dan Curtis


Vivi Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy  is legitimately one of the longest running game franchises in history - we’re nearly up to fifteen entries, and the series, or brand as it’s more relevantly called now expands well beyond the core series, as that’s not counting the endless spin-offs and other media surrounding this gargantuan franchise. But it is those fifteen titles that are the most important, and the ones that resonate with us the most.

The series has its ups, its down and its in-betweens. For every Ultimate Weapon there’s an Excalipoor lurking out there – for every Sephiroth there’s a Necron popping up from nowhere ruining it for everyone. There’s several entries in the series that people always refer to as gaming greats (*cough* VII), but every so often I’ve came across someone who goes against the trend and says – to my surprise – that another Final Fantasy is their favourite.

But what does liking a certain Final Fantasy say about you? Did you know it’s a little known fact that I can in fact predict your exact lifestyle via the medium of which Final Fantasy you like? It’s kinda like reading your horoscope, but with more Chocobos, airships and Marlboros pelting you with delightfully bad breath that leaves you confused, poisoned, berserk and generally feeling a bit under the weather.

This, ladies and gents, is what your favourite Final Fantasy game means about you. You may discover something about yourself within.


14. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy I

You are the true nostalgic wonder, clinging to the past where gaming was wonderful, everything wasn’t too fancy and this franchise first appeared. You forgo the nonsense of later entries in the series, preferring the basic sprites of the first entry.

On weekends, you dress up with four of your friends as the Light Warriors and do battle with the neighbours, who are dressed up as the Elemental Fiends.

You are one of the only people you’ve ever met who knows that this game marked the first appearance of recurring name Garland (commonly associated with Final Fantasy IX) and you are also one of the people who can claim you were right there at the beginning of this massive franchise.

One might say that this is somewhat of a superiority complex, but after all, all those other people aren’t true Final Fantasyers, now are they? Did they stay up late squinting at the screen and master turned based battles for the first time right at the beginning? No, they did not.

You are the true Final Fantasy master my friend. Congratulations on your epic journey.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo dooo do…*twirls sword*