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In a week where gaming reached the height of popularity during the frenzied E3 Expo, one of our generation’s most enduring titles was given more time under the spotlight with EA Sports lifting the lid once again on one of this year’s most anticipated console games.

FIFA 14, just the latest iteration in the long-running football franchise, was subjected to an official gameplay video in which some of the new features from the title were showcased last week, building up even more excitement within its loyal fanbase…

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Fans have already been treated to a raft of new FIFA content ever since the game was first announced mid-April. A whole host of screenshots have been dropped by the publishers as well as numerous trailers, as we all prepare to gear ourselves up for its release this September.

The official gameplay video at this year’s E3 Expo provided us with just the latest piece of footage for the fervently anticipated title, and we’ve already learned a great deal.

But if you, like so many others fans, are confused by what exactly is meant by “True Player Motion”, “Ignite Engine” and “finesse headers”, then you’ve come to the right place because here we break down the latest footage released by EA for FIFA 14.

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This article was first posted on June 17, 2013