FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: Predicting 10 Most Expensive Players

Don't worry - you're not the only one who won't be able to afford them.

With that September 26th release date getting ever closer, anticipation for FIFA 15 just keeps growing. Doubtless the game mode which has fans of EA Sports€™ fantastic soccer-sim most excited is Ultimate Team, a ridiculously addictive blend of fantasy football and trading cards with all the fun of FIFA gameplay. One of the most frustrating things about the Ultimate Team mode is that the game€™s best players are so rare that you stand very little chance of finding one in a pack and even less chance of ever acquiring the funds to afford them on the transfer market. To put this into context, on FIFA 14 Cristiano Ronaldo is currently selling on the transfer market for 4,898,000. This may seem cheap compared to how much Ronaldo would sell for in real life, but in the game 1,000 coins are worth approximately 16p (based on how much packs cost if you use FIFA points) so on this scale Ronaldo costs an insane £775.00. Scandalous. With many of the world€™s best players having impressive 2013/14 seasons, it is likely that they will receive statistical upgrades in FIFA 15 which will make them even more unaffordable to the average Ultimate Team manager. Some criticise the modern game for being too money orientated and FIFA Ultimate Team most certainly reflects that. Here are the men who will probably be the 10 most expensive players on FIFA 15 who very few of us will ever be able to afford:

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