FIFA 18: 9 Things We Already Know

Say goodbye to skipping those pre-match scenes...

Fifa 18
EA Sports

Excitement is building towards a September 29 release date for FIFA 18. Soon, we'll all be able to dazzle defenders as CR7 or struggle to haul Coventry City from League 2 woes back to Premier League glory. Ok, so maybe one will be easier than the other, but it's not long until that 'something for everyone' gameplay of FIFA is back.

With only a few months until the game hits shelves, EA Sports are in the process of slowly leaking out information about what we can expect to see. Dynamic weather patterns and the replacement of Legends with 'Icons' in Ultimate Team have both already been touted, but what else does 18 have to shout about?

On a different note, what might be missing from the copy of FIFA 18 you choose to pick up? Few versions of this year's FIFA (spanning across PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the old-gen consoles too) look set to be the same.

It looks like you'll have to trade in that crusty old 360 and get with the times if you want to follow Alex Hunter's story...

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