FIFA 19: 9 New Rumours You Need To Know

Upsetting CR7's ego in brand new press interviews would be fun...

FIFA 19 Champions League
EA Sports/UEFA

It's true: FIFA 19 will have the official Champions League license and EA Sports will have to alter their cover art to reflect Cristiano Ronaldo's switch from Real Madrid to Juventus during the summer transfer window. Both those items are huge news for the new game, and they might not be alone if some other rumours are to be believed.

Previously, we reported on EA's chief executive Andrew Wilson hinting that FIFA might (someday) become an always-on subscription model rather than an annual release. That same article was pinned down by other rumours about the Chinese Super League, Dynamic Weather effects and more.

Four months on from all of that conjecture, some fresh rumours have started doing the rounds on social media about things we might see in FIFA 19; it's important to establish that this is all strictly gossip and rumour right now, but it is fun to fantasise about new stuff for footy's biggest gaming franchise.

Will Career Mode get a slight overhaul in some areas? Is the end of Alex Hunter's Journey good news for somebody else? What will the Nintendo Switch version look like?

Read on to find out more...

9. There Might Be FIFA Street Elements

EA Sports

FIFA Street's blend of urban culture with over-the-top footy was popular for a spell in the mid-2000s. Now, according to dedicated FIFA channel DTT on YouTube, there's a chance some elements of Street will be included in FIFA 19's feature set.

Specifically, the House Rules mode is being touted.

Those who didn't play much of FIFA's street soccer offshoot should know that this is a take on that game's "Last Man Standing" elimination mode. In FIFA 19, DTT says the House Rules will be 11 vs. 11 matches instead, with one player from the defending side being dropped following each goal. Sounds interesting, but it's not 100% confirmed despite the channel's claim otherwise.

FIFA could use more quick-play features like this one generally. Street's pick-up-and-play feel is something missing from the main series, so it'd be cool to see EA experiment with a mode that feeds into bite-sized football fun.

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