FIFA 19 Career Mode: 10 Players You Need To Buy First

Goal machines, wonderkids and World Cup heroes...

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The biggest changes to this year's Career Mode will be the inclusion of that Champions League/Europa League licensing and possibly some new press conference cut scenes. Other than that, it looks like business as usual for aspiring managers in FIFA 19.

Just like in 18, the main enjoyment from Career will be found when securing bank-busting transfers that have new signings splashed across the news screens and those subtly brilliant deals that pay dividends a few seasons down the line. It's all about balance, and making the most of revenue from that European campaign or title-winning performance.

No one team can have everything, so weighing up who's worth pursuing first is essential.

Before leaping into the transfer market in 19, ask yourself some key questions: do you want a world-class goalkeeper for years to come? Is defending a priority, or do you prefer pacy wing backs who can also double up as attack-minded wingers? Will your team live and die by how many goals that top striker bangs in throughout the season?

If the answer is yes to any of those, then try these guys on for size...

10. Benjamin Pavard

Current Club: VfB Stuttgart

Position: CB/LB

Why You Should Buy: To recreate that World Cup goal against Argentina over the summer, obviously.

All joking aside, Pavard was a bit of a hidden secret until his performances in Russia, and he should have a list of potential suitors looking to take him away from Stuttgart. There's a top player in there, one who will have a vastly improved overall rating over the one EA gave him in FIFA 18 (72).

He's unlikely to break the bank either, so that's something to think about. At only 22 years of age, he's the kind of defender who can grow into a firm fixture of your backline for years to come, and that's true even of top Premier League clubs. The fact he can play at both CB and LB is also useful.

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