FIFA World Cup 2014: 10 Things It Does Better Than FIFA 14

You might think a World Cup game is a shameless cash-in. You'd be wrong.

The latest instalment in the FIFA franchise is upon us, though it's not the annual autumn release we're used to. A World Cup game may seem like a cheap ploy to earn EA some quick cash for little effort but they are actually some of the better games in the franchise history, with the 2006 World Cup title in particular holding some very fond memories. EA uses these titles to introduce features to the game for the first time and try some more new things to see if they are popular, before deciding if they'll remain for the standard FIFA release. Key features such as controlling celebrations and Be A Pro were introduced to the franchise's box of tricks in the summer tournament games before their more public induction in the new, yearly edition which comes out later in the year. Here at WhatCulture, we've already identified 10 features we can expect to see transferred to FIFA 15 but the release of the demo last week is the first time we've had a chance to experience some of these features. We're pleased to say that for the most part, EA have done a very good job and delivered some fantastic additions to the game - some of which will stay for a long time. These changes were very, very bold in places but EA has triumphed, with some areas of the game proving themselves absolutely fantastic. We recommend you try out the demo for yourself if you haven't already and if you're still not convinced, then perhaps we can persuade you with 10 things that it does better than FIFA 14...

10. Faster Gameplay

By far the biggest criticism related to FIFA 14 that was the game was extremely slow, which often left to very boring matches. For obvious reasons, this is not what anyone wants - especially in a football simulator. It should be about lots of action and thrilling games but at times, FIFA 14 was severely lacking in this department. We're pleased to inform you that this is no longer the case with the 2014 FIFA World Cup game. The gameplay is much faster and much crisper, allowing you to quickly build-up an attack and threaten the goal, with the end result being end-to-end football, stuffed with blink and you'll miss it action. It's everything we love about football, wrapped up into one. Overall, you're going to have a much more memorable online experience in particular. It may be frustrating at times, but isn't every game? You'll win some, you'll lose some but we're sure you'll be left with much fonder memories than you endured during your time on Online Seasons in FIFA 14.

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