As the series celebrates its 25th birthday, few can deny the impact that the Final Fantasy series has had on the world of gaming. Through 14 games in the main series and an array of remakes and spinoffs, the series has become a household name for gamers across the world, behind only the likes of Mario, Pokemon, The Sims and Grand Theft Auto in terms of overall global sales.

With so many iterations to choose from, each with their own unique appeal, it is no surprise that the series has featured its fair share of memorable moments. Through 25 years of captivating storylines and engrossing worlds, here are ten moments, in no particular order, that live long in the memory.


10. Zack’s Death (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core)

A prequel to Final Fantasy VII, albeit one released ten years afterwards, Crisis Core tells the story of Zack, who, after spending four years as a human experiment, rescues his friend, Cloud, from a similar fate and attempts to fight his way through an entire army for the right to see his love, Aeris, once again. Overwhelmed by their numbers, he never realises his goal, dying on a rainy landscape with Cloud by his side, and setting up the story the game that, for many Western gamers, was their first foray into the Final Fantasy universe.

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This article was first posted on October 23, 2012