Despite Bethesda’s popular Skyrim title being set in an entirely different time frame and, well, in a completely different universe for that matter, there are certain features that this writer believes can easily translate into Rockstar’s latest and highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto release.

In fact, as you are about to find out, previous iterations in the sandbox title have included features also used in Skyrim, so it would be more a case of bringing these features back than adding them. That being said, there are still certain gameplay elements that I believe GTA should, for want of a better word, “steal” from Bethesda to use in GTA V.

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5. Kill Cams

Kill cams or “finishing moves” were a feature of Skyrim from the very beginning, with players being treated to a short cut scene of their character embedding a sword into a foes torso, or even brutally decapitating them. In March, an update, 1.5, added kill cams for archery (seen above) and spells. Kill cams is a feature already employed by Rockstar for one of their titles, that being GTA IV. “Executions”, as they were known, allowed the gamer in certain situations during a big mission to choose whether to kill a foe or let them live. If the player decided to kill, they would lock onto their target with a weapon, wait for the reticule to flash, and then fire, which cued a pretty awesome “kill cam” like the one below.

In my opinion, kill cams in GTA shouldn’t be confined to just missions, they should be expanded into your every day killing sprees. Just shooting someone is a bit boring, watching a specially made cut scene of your character murdering someone is way cooler, and really sates the appetite for a bit of gore every now and then.

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This article was first posted on September 19, 2012