There’s quite a few places we’d imagine would be a difficult place to live, such as the county of Midsomer, where there’s an alarming spate of deaths and murders, and also Tamriel, setting of Skyrim, where a weary traveller can be gobbled up by a giant spider in the wilderness or burnt to a crisp by the fiery breath of a dragon.

But those two fictitious worlds pale into comparison to that of Grand Theft Auto, a world where crime is ever present and morals often go missing. In each of Rockstar Game’s fictional settings, Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas, inhabitants of the aforementioned locales have been consistently plagued by problems and menaced by crazed psychopaths, all in the name of “fun”.

Except it’s probably not very fun for them. Not very fun at all. Long after we’ve turned our consoles off and wandered off somewhere to do something else, they sweep bullet caps off the street floor, bury their dead and try to rebuild their shattered lives.

Here, we put ourselves in the shoes of the inhabitants of the happily fictitious world of Grand Theft Auto, and detail just why living there would absolutely suck.

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This article was first posted on April 10, 2013