GTA V: 10 Movies That Inspired The Franchise

9. Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

behind_enemy_lines_2001_dvdrip_xvid-nogrp_screen_0 Slated for its "video game-like action sequences" (oh, the irony that it makes it onto this list, then), Behind Enemy Lines tells the story of a downed American airforce pilot who crash lands in Bosnia and uncovers Bosnian genocide. Though the plot could have certainly given way to an actually interesting flick, John Moore's movie eventually comes out as an ugly exercise in jingoism. Far more style over substance with this one. Owen Wilson's in it for some reason, though, which is something to think about, I guess. The Influence? The only real influence from this movie can be seen in Grand Theft Auto IV, and in the character of Niko Bellic. Niko seems to have been entirely modelled on the Bosnian character Sasha from Behind Enemy Lines, who is one of the movie's bad guys. The fact that you can unlock a costume for Niko, too, called "Sasha's Costume," kind of marks this little nod as an indisputable point of reference. So there.

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