It appears as though many of our readers are a little disenfranchised with the GTA series; GTA IV split fans asunder, and according the comments in my last piece on the subject (GTA V: 10 Reasons It’s So Unbelievably Hyped), many will be monitoring this new GTA game closely in order to decide whether or not they’re done with the series.

I imagine if you’re in that boat, that all this waiting and speculation is proving to be quite frustrating. It seems like there’s a new tidbit every other day, a new screenshot or a new rumour, and while I guess it could all be construed as terribly exciting, there’s very little of substance. I mean, how much can you really glean from a screenshot of a guy riding a bike?

With predictions and expectations flying this way and that, and with little in the way of solid information on the internet (or anywhere else for that matter), Rockstar don’t just seem to have started up the rumour mill, they seem to have doused it in petrol and taken a match to it.

So here I am, once again, adding that little bit more fuel of my own. Because when there’s no real information to be had, the only thing you can really do is… well, is guess. So without further justification, check out my ten predictions for GTA V’s fate when it’s finally released.

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This article was first posted on September 20, 2012