Half Life 3: 10 Reasons It Must Be Made Now

Ah Half Life. Is there a sweeter sound than those two words? I remember being late to the party initially;…

Stuart W. Bedford


Ah Half Life. Is there a sweeter sound than those two words? I remember being late to the party initially; Half Life had been out a good few years when I first played it. It had been out so long in fact that Half Life 2 was well on the way. In many ways though, I’m glad it happened that way. The wait between HL and HL2 was supposedly agonizing for day-one fans; it was a phenomenon I thankfully avoided. Once I’d had my mind sufficiently blown by Gordon Freeman’s original exploits, I only had weeks to wait for his second outing.

But I’ve been up to date since then. I played Episode 1 on day one; I played Episode 2 on day one. And then…I waited. I waited and waited; I checked Google; I waited some more; I re-played the games then I checked Google again before waiting once again. And we’re still waiting. Valve have been extremely tight-lipped about why we’re waiting, but with no third full instalment on the shelves as yet, wait is all we can really do.

But don’t for a second mean that out of sight means out of mind. Half Life is still Valve’s most hotly anticipated upcoming product, and whether or not it’s our soon or it’s mysterious release is still way off, when it finally does drop, I bet even the Steam servers will struggle to cope with the volume of day one downloads.  

I’m of the belief that we’ve waited long enough; in fact, I can, and never have been, able to contain my excitement about the next HL game. If you know me or ever meet me in real life and don’t want me to steamroll over the conversation with my own theories and opinions, then don’t start a Half Life conversation with me. It’ll only end in your boredom.

But since I’ve got myself a nice little outlet here at WhatCulture!, why not join me as I investigate 10 reasons why Half Life 3 must get itself made, and soon!