Marvel's Avengers Trailer Breakdown - 12 Things Everyone Totally Missed

12. A-Day Introduces The West Coast Avengers

Marvels Avengers Iron Man
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So, the trailer for Marvel's Avengers centres around something called 'A-Day'. A-Day, as explained after the trailer wrapped up, was planned to mark the unveiling of the West Coast Avengers, a team led by everyone's favourite constantly-missing hero, Hawkeye, in the comics.

This fits nicely into what we know of Marvel's 'Gamerverse' so far. Peter Parker mentions how the Avengers are off along the West Coast when he snaps a pick of Avengers Tower in Marvel's Spider-Man, and the fact they're already an established team fits in nicely with the tenets Insomniac established in 2018.

As for who is meant to serve on this West Coast branch... it's likely that'll be kept under wraps until release. For all you #WheresHawkeye fans (I sympathise) as well - fret not. Given his association with the team, it's probably nailed on that he'll show up at some stage.

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