Mass Effect Andromeda Story Recap: 10 Major Plot Points You Need To Know

What is the Andromeda Initiative? Are there any ties to the original trilogy?

Mass Effect andromeda

As the release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda draws closer, many gamers find themselves puzzled about one key component: The story.

Although more and more footage has been gradually released, it's not quite clear what the plot is outside of the "Go to Andromeda, find a sustainable planet, celebrate" baseline.

Thankfully, thanks to the recent cinematic trailers and Andromeda Initiative videos, there has been a decent amount of story chunks to connect some plot threads together. It's still unclear how in-depth the main narrative will be, but for now, these plot points are the ones that have been seemingly confirmed so far.

These are the most essential Mass Effect: Andromeda plot points you need to know before picking up a copy.


10. The Initial Mission To Andromeda Begins After Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 crew

When you think of all the times Shepard warned the galaxy about Reapers, it makes sense that at least someone was listening. Through the Andromeda Initiative videos, the timeline of the exploration/survival mission has been laid out: It begins pre-Mass Effect 3, and it would then take the team 600 years to get to their destination.

The timing of the mission makes sense, as enough time has passed between the events of Mass Effect 1's confirmation of the Reapers' existence and the Reapers' arrival in ME3, allowing for a dedicated team to form a proper expedition into another, safer galaxy. It seems the heads of the Andromeda Initiative heeded Shepard's concerns, and found a worthy means of evading the Reaper forces.

Bioware had a difficult decision with connecting (or not connecting) the original trilogy to this potential new one. In the end, they got the best of both worlds, connecting to the series' in the beginning, but still allowing both the Andromeda game and team to literally (and figuratively) forge their own path in a new galaxy.


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