New Halo Wars 2 Posters Are Awesome

Six beautiful works of art were commissioned by Microsoft. Details on how you can own them.

The Creative Assembly/343 Industries

Halo Wars 2 releases for Xbox One and Windows 10 on February 21. It’s a sequel many Halo fans have been waiting a long time for, the original releasing on the Xbox 360 way back in 2009. But it’s not the game people are currently gushing over. Microsoft has commissioned a series of limited edition posters from three artists, and the results are stunning.

The artists, Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki, Craig Drake and Kevin Tong, have used their own distinctive styles to create stylish works of art capturing the most important characters featured in Halo Wars 2.

“We’re really excited to be working with such talented artists in bringing the characters of Halo Wars 2 to life,” stated 343 Industries Studio Head of Strategy Games Dan Ayoub. “Storytelling is particularly important in real-time strategy and Halo games, and these beautiful posters provide a glimpse of what’s to come on Feb. 21.”

Read on for a look at each poster and some background info on each artist.

4. Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki’s Take On Halo Wars 2’s Shipmaster And Professor Anders


Grzegorz’s first poster focuses on Professor Anders, and is filled with heroic images of Spartan soldiers in battle.

“First and foremost it was an exciting opportunity for me to work on such a huge franchise, loved by millions,” stated Grzegorz “Gabz” Domaradzki.

“As far as the concept goes we wanted one print to represent the Spartans or the good guys if you will, while the other to focus entirely on the Brutes – bad guys. We both knew from the start that these two posters should work either separately and as a diptych and it was probably the toughest task composition-wise. I hope the fans of the game will enjoy these screen prints and that the final result captures the game’s spirit well.”

The second poster depicts commanding Shipmaster Let 'Volir. Having previously served in the Covenant, 'Volir took his crew and left the Covenant. He joined forces with the Banished, a force headed by Atriox.

The poster sees the outline of 'Volir filled with figures opposing the Spartans.

Read on for more amazing Halo Wars 2 artwork.


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