Nintendo NX: 9 Predictions For The Console’s Biggest Secret Feature

Morphing controller screen? Yes, please.

The wait is almost over. Nintendo will officially unveil the eagerly-anticipated NX console in June, though we're going to be seeing some teasers for the concept as early as March this year.

It's a near certainty that the console will launch in time for the Christmas rush in 2016, but between now and then there's going to be an incredible amount of information for gamers to dive into. You only need to pick up a Mario game once to realise that Nintendo do things differently to the other big boys of the industry, Sony and Microsoft.

That has provided some of Nintendo's finest and most disappointing work, but which category will the NX fall into? Details are extremely scarce surrounding the new console which will take up the reins following the underwhelming Wii U as Nintendo seek a return to the sort of form that saw an entire generation captivated by the Nintendo 64 and to a lesser extent, the criminally underrated GameCube.

Nothing is impossible with Nintendo. They really could spring any number of surprises on fans when they do showcase their new machine, but Nintendo will be looking for one definitive feature, one massively quirky selling point for their console.

Rumours are flying around about what that could be...


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