Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018: Ranking Every Skin

No one does Halloween like Overwatch.


Customisation and personalisation have always been right at the heart of Overwatch. Obviously, a huge part of that is playing as each character to figure out which playstyle suits you best. Unlike a lot of other games in this genre, support and medic characters have just as much value as the straight up offensive tanks.

But the customisation runs deeper. There are skins and victory poses for you to unlock as well to make your character truly your own. After overblown controversy about Tracer’s pose, these unlockables feel like a core part of Overwatch’s DNA.

The devs have been great with support in this regard, and with the game in general. Summer, Christmas and previous Halloweens have all seen special skins released for fans to dress their favourites up in. This year is no different, with nine characters getting the spooky treatment.

In that mix there’s some of the most beloved heroes, some under-appreciated characters and relative newcomers getting in on the action... but who looks the best?

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