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For many devoted console gamers these days, Pro Evolution Soccer, or PES, has become a forgotten relic of the past. A distant memory pushed aside in recent times by the dominant presence of FIFA’s commercial revival.

There are some of us however, who attest to PES’s greatness still, who crave a day when the engineers at Konami will finally match FIFA on all fronts. Having played the demo, the gameplay in the upcoming PES 2014 is sublime, the closest simulation to a real game of football I have ever felt. But it’s the other attributes of the experience that unfortunately let the franchise down, and leave the masses flocking to their local Game shop at midnight not for the hallowed Pro Evo, but for EA’s FIFA.

With this in mind, here is my definitive list of the most aggravating issues still hindering the progress of a former all conquering console champion:


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This article was first posted on September 18, 2013