PES 2014: 5 Flaws Konami Still Need Fixing To Catch FIFA

5. The Commentary

Jon Champion 1523133

Lets face it, commentary is probably one of the hardest facets of a football game to execute properly. Quite simply, because the commentators aren€™t there! If you thought the voiceovers from Martin Tyler, Alan Smith, and occasionally Geoff Shreeves on FIFA were bad enough, then think again. Jon Champion and Jim Beglin are a whole new level of cyborg. Their clunky interchanges and robotic reactions ruin any kind of atmosphere you try to create through your gameplay. Not only that, but they aren€™t even funny. With the previous bumbling duo of Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking, they were so bad that it actually became a fun novelty to hear them! Random shouts of €˜IT€™S A VERY GOOD CHANCE!!€™, when you shoot from the halfway line, or cries of €˜SUPERB SAVE!!€, when the keeper parrys a routine shot, generally ruin the whole gaming package. Whilst we may never see Sky Sports standard commentators on PES, surely there are other competent names to call up? Motson? Mowbray? Brackley?!!


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