PES 2019: 10 Tips To Play Like A Boss

Bend it like Beckham...

PES 2019

By now, PES 2019 players have probably figured out that Master League is much the same (albeit with subtle tweaks like pre-season tournaments and better transfer negotiations), myClub still lags behind FIFA's Ultimate Team, and the new licenses don't make up for losing UEFA's Champions or Europa Leagues.

It says a lot for the gameplay that these are all incidental issues, because PES again plays a vastly better game of footy than EA's product. It's a more well-rounded on-the-pitch experience, and PES is devoid of scripting issues that have plagued FIFA for years. In terms of actually playing the beautiful game, Konami's title is streets ahead.

It's also bloody hard as nails on the higher difficulty settings.

If you want to boss Superstar matches in PES 2019, then you're going to need some advice. Tactics matter in this game, and it's not all about racing forwards or pinging off shot after shot into the top corner. Patience is key, working as a team essential and being a digital Pep Guardiola the dream.

Just like Pep in Man City's 'All Or Nothing' documentary, Konami are passionate about the minutiae of football. That means PES players must know their stuff too...

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