PES 2019: 10 Tips To Play Like A Boss

10. Pass, Pass, Pass

PES 2019

First things first, feel free to spread the ball about as much as you like in PES 2019. In fact, passing like the thing's a hot potato is encouraged, and it'll leave CPU opponents reeling. The same is true (to a lesser extent) of human rivals. Intricate sequences are the law in Konami's world.

Passing also helps you defend that 1-0 or 2-1 lead.

On the offensive, one-two passing is an excellent way to carve up defensive back lines, especially in one-player matches, and don't forget to make use of those through balls. PES is much more forgiving than FIFA with lofted long balls; there's no laser-guided system, so passes don't need to be bang on to end up working out.

If you're a fan of Barca's old Tiki-Taka approach, then you're in for a treat. Set up some Gegenpress tactics and knock it about in the middle of the park for a bit. You'll notice that CPU midfielders are thrown off by quick movement, and so are opposition strikers.

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