PlayStation 4: 5 Ways To Regain Fans' Excitement


A little over a week ago, Sony Entertainment had us all waiting with baited breath ahead of their much anticipated PlayStation 4 unveiling. In January, they invited us "to see the future" and on February 20th, the world's media descended on New York City, cameras at the ready, pen in hand, waiting expectantly for the vast swathes of information the manufacturers were about to unleash on excited fans waiting to hear more about their next generation console.

The room was darkened, save for the glow of blue lights, and upon the giant screen erected centre-stage was beamed the buttons PlayStation fans are all too well accustomed too, X, Square, Circle, Triangle as somewhat apocalyptic music blared out before an ultra-cool VT kicked in, highlighting PlayStation consoles of old and recapping famous gameplay moments of times gone by, before more apocalyptic music blared out from the speaker system to further emphasise that yes, what we were watching was indeed cool.

But putting the pomp and circumstance of the occasion to one side, the PlayStation 4 launch event was a disappointment. In the end, all we got were a bunch of developers boring us half to death with over-extended monologues about their upcoming, equally as boring looking launch titles (excepting Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs, which was the saving grace from the bore fest).

Also, we saw no sign of the PS4 console, just the new DualShock. A PS4 launch event without the PS4... What's that all about, really?

It's fair to say that having built up so much excitement for the PS4, a lot of it has fallen by the wayside and interest has now waned. Here, we take a look at 5 things Sony Entertainment can do to regain our interest.

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