PlayStation 5: 9 Biggest Rumours About Sony's Next Console

Move over, PS4 Pro.


Iterative hardware refreshes seem to be all the rage in the games industry, but make no mistake, console generations as we know them aren't about to become a thing of the past.

Case in point: Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden dropped a bombshell in a recent interview when he confirmed the existence of the PlayStatation 5.

Although the studio executive gave nothing of any real substance away, our first official mention of the PS5 is enough to send any gamer's imagination running wild, kicking the rumour mill into overdrive.

The next-generation system probably exists in early prototype form, locked in the depths of an underground laboratory, destined to withhold its secrets until a time when Sony sees fit... or a massive leak springs.

There's plenty of life in the PS4 yet, not least because its Pro iteration added 4K support into the mix last year, though that won't stop PlayStation loyalists from endlessly speculating about the PS5's capabilities and features.

According to Layden, the next-gen machine "will probably take some time" to surface from the depths of whatever top-secret facility it's currently housed, but the juicy rumours continue to fly...

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