PlayStation Experience 2017: 10 Major Surprises We Want To See

1. A New Crash Bandicoot, Or CTR Remake

Naughty Dog

The return of Crash Bandicoot with the N. Sane Trilogy was easily one of the biggest successes of 2017. With this success, a brand new Crash Bandicoot title is almost guaranteed. Could we find out more about it at PSX?

Although a remaster of the first three games in the trilogy was exactly what gamers needed in order to kickstart the Crash Bandicoot franchise again, what we all really want is a brand new adventure. Vicarious Visions have proven that they now understand exactly what makes a Crash game work, and hopefully this will carry over into a new game.

All Vicarious Visions really need to do with a new Crash game is take the gameplay from the N. Sane Trilogy and craft a brand new set of levels and worlds for players. If Vicarious Visions aren't developing a new game altogether, they're almost definitely working on a HD remaster of Crash Team Racing. At least I hope so.


What would you like to see from PSX 2017? Let us know in the comments.


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