PlayStation Experience 2017: 10 Major Surprises We Want To See

9. Final Fantasy VII Remake Makes An Appearance

Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake making an appearance at PlayStation Experience 2017 isn't too far fetched when you consider that it originally debuted at PlayStation's E3 conference in 2016. It's certainly time that we see more of how everything's coming together.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is both one of the most anticipated and most mysterious games to have been announced in recent times. It's something 90s gamers have always wanted, and yet we still don't really know much about the sort of game it'll be - besides the fact Square Enix have now made it episodic and turn-based combat is out.

The confusion surrounding Final Fantasy VII's remake is what makes it perfect to show off at PSX 2017. For Square Enix it allows them to hammer home just how far development has come since the initial announcement, and lets Sony showcase one of the most anticipated - and let's not forget, riskiest - games of the coming future.

What we could see of Final Fantasy VII is entirely up for speculation. New gameplay, a new story trailer or just more detail on the release of the game are all great options, and something that would make PSX really special.


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