PS5, Xbox Scarlett & Nintendo Switch: 9 Things We Need To See

PlayStation backwards compatibility is a GIVEN... right?


As we come to the close of another console generation, it's worth considering: Where can the big three studios go next?

The PS4 is a towering commercial behemoth with some of the biggest first-party studios in the industry, Nintendo has carved themselves out a popular niche with one of the most innovative consoles in decades, and Xbox is...well... managing to cling on with the promise of eventually becoming a big deal again.

It's clear that guessing what the future holds is a tall task, but with each studio's various strengths, weaknesses and exclusive features, it's easy to see what each company should work on. Whether it's improving PR, delivering unique features or simply pushing out games like there's no tomorrow, each of the big three must address their glaring flaws going forward.

Seeing as many are predicting that this could be the generation to end generational cycles, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo are going to have to elevate their game to an entirely different level if they want to secure a place for decades to come.

Utilising solid game plans, it's entirely plausible ALL of these mammoth companies could hone their consoles into must-own tech for the next generation.


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