Ranking Every Final Fantasy By Their Soundtrack

The franchise with the best music in gaming history, which is number one?

Square Enix

Throughout its three decades of existence, one of the many things that the Final Fantasy series has become renowned for is its scores. Each game has been accompanied by a soundtrack masterfully crafted by Square's composers, chief amongst them Nobuo Uematsu, who was solely responsible for almost every one of them before his 2004 decision to depart the company and become a freelancer.

Tracks from the games are regularly performed in concert by orchestras around the world, whilst several have soared into Classic FM's prestigious Hall Of Fame, deservedly ranking amongst classics by the likes of Bach, Brahms and Beethoven.

Through the course of this article, each game's soundtrack is ranked in turn. The criteria for inclusion has been as follows:

· Each numbered single player entry from the series (including direct sequels) has been individually included.

· Online titles have been included as a single entry each (so each is judged on the soundtrack of both its main game and its expansions together).

· Spin-offs have either been individually included, grouped together when part of a collection or omitted entirely to avoid cluttering the list (such as mobile titles that received their own soundtracks or the Crystal Chronicles series).


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