Ranking Every Quantic Dream Game From Worst To Best

Heavy Rain vs. Detroit Become Human vs. Indigo Prophecy vs...


Developer David Cage with his Quantic Dream studios have been on an ambitious one-studio mission from the jump; to blend the movie and game experience into a gratifying hybrid experience.

Love it or hate it, the fuss they made eventually created ripples; there’d be no Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Until Dawn, or Life Is Strange without their resurrection of what LucasArts started. In fact, the ‘interactive movie’ sub-genre of the adventure game has become its standard... instead of the weird experiment it was initially laughed off as.

Still, despite the innovation, it's not all peaches; Cage, in particular, has the habit of earning many gamers' rage. His high-fluting dismissing of ‘regular games’ (e.g. everything else) has annoyed many, as well as his flawed storytelling and overhyped games mechanics. Also, in 2018, there was a mess of controversy surrounding Quantic Dream as a ‘toxic’ work environment as well.

Regardless, that year also saw the release of their recent venture, Detroit: Become Human; a game that has been championed by gamers and fellow developers more than actual critics - leading to their most profitable project to date.

There’s no better time then, to look back and sort through their eclectic backlog from this divisive (but always interesting) studio.


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