Ranking Every Uncharted Game From Worst To Best

6. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

uncharted drake's fortune
Naughty Dog

Did you know that the first Uncharted didn't actually live up to expectations? There's a very good reason many people point to the sequel as when things truly took off. Drake's Fortune - despite having immaculate production values and some of the best-written characters in gaming - wasn't all that fun to play.

Far away from the combat-platforming sandbox Uncharted would grow into, back in this original we had a very basic cover shooter with all sorts of waist-high walls to leap between. Nothing more - at least where gameplay was concerned.

Melee operated on a rhythmic three-hit system and again, outside the characters, this story was nothing to write home about. Still, we got introduced to Drake, Elena, Sully and their combined chemistry together, which was more than enough to make everyone look forward to more.

A classic case of the sequel nailing everything the original was going for, Drake's Fortune is incredibly important, but the least enjoyable to revisit or play through, especially today.

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