Ranking Every Uncharted Game From Worst To Best

From Nate to Chloe and back again.

Uncharted franchise
Naughty Dog

As one of the most prolific, game-changing and all round well-received franchises in gaming history, Naughty Dog reached a defining period of their own career with Uncharted.

Yes, we had Crash Bandicoot commanding the world to take notice of PlayStation back in 1996, and Jak & Daxter delivered possibly the finest trilogy of the studio's career, but Uncharted was something else entirely. Alongside Metal Gear Solid and Hideo Kojima showing how well video games could emulate the cinematography and blockbuster feel of Hollywood, Uncharted, Nathan Drake and voice actor Nolan North gave the 2000s another kind of gaming icon.

10 years later, Naughty Dog have shown pretty remarkable restraint in not releasing endless sequels, instead hanging back and working on their craft, ensuring each subsequent Uncharted was a landmark event.

Even Uncharted 4 - which when it was first announced, scared the living hell out of all the fans who really didn't think there could be such a thing as a worthwhile fourth instalment in any formerly closed series - was an exemplary video game. And now we've got Lost Legacy effortlessly showing there's a life outside of Nathan Drake, and where the franchise goes from here is anybody's guess.

For now though, let's rank the highs and lows of what remains one of gaming's finest works.

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