Red Dead Redemption 2: 12 Screenshots You Need To See

It might have been delayed, but Rockstar's next game looks phenomenal.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gun

If there's one franchise supporting the argument that Rockstar do some of their finest work away from GTA, it's Red Dead. Acquired after Capcom's original Red Dead Revolver had a bit of a troubled development, Rockstar stepped in, helped get the game shipped and then claimed the IP as their own.

What followed was one of the most surprisingly deep, well-written and powerful games of all time - nigh-on the best game of the last generation. Case in point was that ending: The downfall of protagonist John Marston serving as the perfect bookend, letting RDR stand alone like one of the true greats of western cinema.

Then... they announced a numbered sequel, though everything buried in the teaser and images shows it's actually a prequel. Rather than continue with John's son, Jack, we'll be revisiting John and wife Abigail when the pair rode with Dutch's Gang - the outfit you'd eventually betray and take down in Redemption.

Assumedly, Rockstar have some phenomenal plot-driven reason to 'resurrect' and walk back one of gaming's most memorable death scenes, though for now, all we have is a vague 2018 release date and a good handful of screenshots.

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