Resident Evil 6: 5 Reasons It’ll Be Better Than Resident Evil 5

Here are 5 reasons why we believe Resident Evil 6 should easily be better than 5.

Beau Jones


The current generation of consoles haven’t been too kind to the old stalwarts of survival horror. Alone in the Dark (2008) suffered average to poor reviews and subsequent backlash from publishers Atari. The makers of Silent Hill have found the uncanny ability to make good handheld iterations but average games on PC/360/PS3 by ever-changing development teams. Of course, there is then Resident Evil…

The fifth entrant in the main Resident Evil series was a mixed bag of intense fights against crowds of African villagers and interactive cut-scenes. In fact, it is difficult to say whether or not the term ‘Survival Horror’ should be attached to the game, however much the same could be said for the excellent Resident Evil 4. Sure, both of these games did have elements of horror within them (Who wasn’t afraid of Dr. Salvador’s chainsaw?) but the ‘survival’ part was very much watered down and made mainstream friendly. Indeed, ever since the release of Resident Evil 4 the series has become almost unrecognisable compared with the first couple of games.

The changes were arguably a good thing but Resident Evil 5 left a lot of fans feeling as if the series had lost its roots; it wasn’t a bad game but it was certainly lacking something even with the high critical acclaim. Further still, the recent spin-off Operation Raccoon City gave the impression that Resident Evil had turned into a run-of-the-mill third-person shooter.

The announcement of Resident Evil 6 earlier this year came as a bit of a shock to the gaming world. First there were some dodgy looking leaked photos which could have been to do with a new Resident Evil game, a few days later there was a trailer confirming all of our suspicions. Initially the first trailer gave us quite a lot of information; Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy would be playable characters in a variety of different locations and game-play types. The trailer also showed glimpses of Jake Muller (the son of Resident Evil bad guy, Albert Wesker) who will have his own separate story as part of the campaign.

By the end of the trailer we were all left excited if not a little confused, Operation Raccoon City was a couple of months away from being released whilst Revelations was ready for stores to sell. Could Capcom really be releasing three Resident Evil games in the space of one year?

Well, the first trailer gave us the release date 20th November, 2012 which has since been revised to 2nd October 2012. So not only is the gaming world getting two spin-off Resident Evils in the space of 12 months we’re also getting a new expansion to the main series earlier than we first believed. The demo of Resident Evil 6 is out now. There will undoubtedly be a lot of press and mixed opinions between now and the final release on October 2nd but here are 5 reasons why we believe Resident Evil 6 should be better than Resident Evil 5.

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