Resident Evil 7: 10 Rumours You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about Capcom’s next zombie-infested game.

Sam Heard


Resident Evil 7

It’s no secret that Capcom is in dire financial straits. The former Japanese superpowers of the gaming industry have sent a clear invitation to potential investors to rescue them from the mire they find themselves in currently. However, many believe that rather than appealing for a buyout Capcom should return to their roots by releasing a killer Resident Evil game. Resident Evil 6 (the last numbered release in the series) was accused of trying to manufacture a broader Call of Duty-esque appeal rather than doing what the franchise does best in a bid to make the game a best-seller.

Though the games creator, Shinji Mikami, has defected to Bethesda to work on The Evil Within, fans of the series believe that the tentatively-titled Resident Evil 7 could be the game to bring Capcom back from the dead – much like the Zombies the series was ONCE overrun by. The seventh instalment in the series may have been a no-show at E3 but this hasn’t stunted the output of rumours surrounding the game. RE6 may have disappointed but the series’ hordes of fans are so devoted that a potential new release is still met with a massive amount of anticipation.

Here are the 10 rumours you need to know about Resident Evil 7: