Rocksteady's Superman: 8 Things We Need To See

The next logical step for the studio is also the hardest to take.


London-based studio Rocksteady, famous for producing the acclaimed Batman: Arkham trilogy, is heavily rumoured to be developing a Superman game. The Arkham series revolutionised both the superhero and the action/adventure genre, with many other studios introducing similar game mechanics in an attempt to replicate Rocksteady's success.

Adapting Superman across any medium has always been a challenge since Christopher Reeve's iconic performance in the 1970s. The Man of Steel has had a poor track record in video games. Gameplay has been a clear challenge, most notably displayed in Superman 64's notorious flight mechanics.

Rocksteady's Batman games were heavily inspired by Bruce Timm's Batman: The Animated Series, and as a result they characterised the Dark Knight perfectly, with many original cast members returning from The Animated Series for the trilogy. If the studio can produce an adaptation true to the Man of Steel, backed up with a gripping storyline and diverse gameplay, the new Superman game is well on its way to being a huge success.

After fleeting appearances in LEGO games and the Injustice series, it's time for the Man of Steel to have his time in the limelight.

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