Silent Hill: 10 Reasons A Hideo Kojima Reboot Would Be Awesome

With the MGS auteur expressing an interest in rebooting one of Konami’s biggest franchises, we couldn’t be more excited.

Matthew Fisher



Silent Hill is a series that began way, way back on the original PlayStation in 1999. In an era that many call a golden age of survival horror, Silent Hill managed to stand out. There was a sea of horror games, which made standing out difficult, but Silent Hill had a unique premise and a truly terrifying atmosphere. You were in a constant state of paranoia, which was only made worse by the knowledge that your radio would produce an eerie static sound when enemies were about. It created a palpable sense of fear, which is unmatched by practically any other horror game.

Fifteen years later, and Silent Hill has seen nine main installments, two feature film adaptations and a rather controversial HD collection. While many feel the series peaked with Silent Hill 3, others believe it should have stopped at the first game. Whatever your opinion on the best entry into the franchise, one can’t help but feel like it may be in a state of flux. It’s stagnant, and what’s the one word dropped around when a series enters this phase of its life? Reboot.

Which is where Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima comes into the picture. There have been several rumours regarding the future of Silent Hill, and the most exciting one concerns the father of Metal Gear taking the reins in a reboot. The bizarre nature of Silent Hill fits Kojima’s style perfectly, and while nothing is official, he has openly expressed interest in directing a restart. While it may not happen soon, or even at all, it’s certainly thrilling to imagine Kojima taking charge of Silent Hill and putting his own stamp on it.

And here are 10 reasons why that would be the best way to bring Silent Hill back to prominence.