South Park: 7 Reasons Fractured But Whole Is Worse Than Stick Of Truth

7. Too Many Raisins And Sixth-Graders


Trey and Matt’s first ever sequel certainly has a larger variety of bosses to fight, but almost all the free XP on the streets pale in comparison to the cannon fodder from The Stick Of Truth.

Other than the boobs-obsessed Sixth-Graders, you fight the minions of Professor Chaos, irritating Ninjas who won’t leave you alone unless you manage to somehow get $5,000, and the she-devils from Raisins.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with any of these, but the jokes quickly become tiresome, and they’re not as offensive or clever as Nazi abortions, Dire Wolves and – worst of all – Ginger Kids. Plus, while The Stick Of Truth had mooing Aliens and Mongolian children, The Fractured But Whole lazily repeats its hordes of enemies by mutating the Sixth-Graders into monsters with countless butts on their bodies.

The Stick Of Truth knew not to have to you engage with Aliens, Ginger Kids and Nazis long enough for the joke to become old, while The Fractured But Whole makes the mistake of killing the comedy by having you fight Raisin girls repeatedly for a side-quest.


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